The Artist's Way

Creative Recovery Courses:

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The Artist's Way is a programme designed by the artist Julia Cameron as a means to creative unblocking. Her book, The Artist's Way, is a manual for how to get started creatively!
"I myself was living this life and often found it challenging. What exactly needed to be done for the daily march to go more smoothly?  What stratagems could I devise to help people faced with so many obstacles of life?" (Cameron).

So by using the practical steps set out in The Artist's Way by Julia, you could put aside a few days creative retreat at Wykes Manor. Here you will be guided through the workbook or simply given the space to work whilst being fed and watered. What you will leave with will be renewed confidence and the sense of the starting of a journey, armed with ideas and suggestions to help steady you and cheer you on.

Residential Arts Courses
Courses run Monday to Friday.
Course Content:
A quick run through all the fine art mediums, concentrating on restoring confidence and tweaking skills.
Running through the Artist's Way by J. Cameon, unlocking all creative doors.
Looking at H.A. Klausser's "Write it Down" and her other books.
Keeping a journal, a sketch book, walking, reading, listening to music, sewing/knitting, cooking, being around animals, soaking up the gentle life of being in the country.
Space and time to think, plan, create.
Good crossroads opportunity before embarking on a new direction.
Come alone or with a friend.
Hermitage huts (Poustinia) available on request.

Daily Timetable
08.30 : Breakfast
10.00 : Lessons
12.30 : Lunch
14.00 : Lessons
16.00 : Free time

Student Residentials
We are a small private establishment within a family home, with two children still living at home. We can take in students aged between 14 - 20+ as a guest and/or as a student to do subjects within the Liberal Arts Spectrum.
If you are interested and would like more information please call Emma on her mobile and have a chat. (Mobile 07942 861 956).