Eva Harding Bell, Swineshead Methodist Church:

"We had our Alpha Away Day last Saturday. What a beautiful church retreat house and grounds, to find near Donington, not far from Boston. Emma was a wonderful host and from the moment we arrived she looked after us beautifully. There was plenty of room for our group to sit in her comfy lounge, and the grounds are amazing, to just walk and wander in total peace was such a tonic. Emma encourages people to take regular breaks there, even just popping over for the day, it's a beautiful place to connect with God and be at peace.

She provided us with Coffee and Tea on arrival and yummy biscuits, lunch was a dream all sourced and cooked by her with artistic skill. Ruth and I are going back today for "High Tea" in her garden, something she runs from June till August every year... It will be a time of reconnecting to the beautiful God given grace that is Wykes Manor.

A beautiful Manor House and grounds with its own little chapel.

Lincolnshire is truly blessed to have such a venue in their county in my opinion.

Katherine from Cambridge:

"Great to be guided through different mediums and subjects with helpful direction!  Exploring myself, my spirituality and my creativity all at once".


"I came to meet this house as a companion and friend.  Let this place help you meet yourself in quality time and take advantage of tuition available in the arts.

'Abide with me'.

Let Wykes be your companion.  Come and abide awhile; 'myself and I'.  Relax with yourself and discover your true self".

Poem by a Recent Retreatant -

'A Hidden gem in Lincolnshire'

'After a troubled day and night, before
The dawn reveals a hidden gem
Wykes Manor house and home
A place to be, the place to be today.
A place to hide, a place to share
A place that’s comfortable with itself
A place to meet others
A place to tell your story
A place to dwell in the Spirit
A place with Big sky’s, Large fields, and dykes to drain away
But cold and ice and snow and rain and sleet and sun again
Back to a roaring open fire and mug of warming tea.
Away from home, an yet to feel at home
Home is where the heart is
Home is where the heart is full of Christ
A place to be
A place to be for you and me today
A hidden gem in Lincolnshire' 

 - Bob Pritchard February 2015-02-07, Donington